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Whether your business is large or small, our services give you a safer and more certain future. HR Assist offers vital support and advice to business owners and managers whilst providing templates of most commonly used letters, documents and policies to assist you.

It’s because of our continual desire to expand and improve our expertise that we have become the leading resource for HR and Employment Law advice.

Our award winning advice service means that we are available to help you resolve any kind of HR or Employment Law issue and whether you require sample documentation and policies or a video to explain Employment Law issues, our online resources are always up to date.

Our services include:


Attract the best candidates to your business with our articles, templates and guides.

Managing Employees

Check out our wide range of topics, templates and documents that will help you to handle the challenges faced with managing your staff.

Staff Departures

In this section we guide you through the various scenarios for dealing with employees leaving your business.


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